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Casino Queen Hotel  Casino RV Park (East  St. Louis, Illinois)

From a lawn chair in their campsites, RVers can look across the mighty Mississippi River and watch the setting sun bathe the St Louis Arch in golden light.

Casino Queen RV Park

Casino Queen RV Park

In the foreground of this gorgeous vista sits the Casino Queen Hotel and Casino, a short shuttle-ride away from the RV sites, some of which are 70 feet long and all of  which are carefully maintained. Although the 142-site RV park is closed  November through February, the Casino is open tear round, and Casino Player magazine has consistently rated the Casino Queen’s  slots among the  country’s loosest. The fact that the Casino also offers $2 blackjack and 25 cent roulette doesn’t tip the odds in the players  favor, but it certainly eases the pain of a losing streak.

Casion Queen RV Park

Of course, if  RVers decide to stay at the Casino Queen RV Park, they will likely feel victorious on all fronts if they watch one of the casino’s  shows, eat at its  fine Prime Steakhouse and explore the nearby  St. Louis Zoo, the Science Center as well              as Laciede’s  Landing. 

Casino Queen RV Park (800) 777-0777,

Coushatta Casino Resort/Red Shoes RV Park (Kinder,Louisiana)

Palm Trees at Coushatta RV Resort

In the southwestern part of the Pelican State, 23 miles north of I-10, sits an establishment that understands quality and delivers it in spades. And hearts and clubs and diamonds. Coushatta Casino Resort features more than 2,800 slot machines, more fhan 70 table games and a 22-table poker room,where Texas Hold’em can be played legally,unlike in the neighboring Lone Star State. The entertainers who play Coushatta include the biggest of big names, such as Reba McEntire, and the casino features six restaurants under its roof. The adjacent golf course, Koasati Pines at Coushatta, may be a tongue-twister, but it also has received a 4.5-star rating from Golf Digest, and golfing RVer will likely warm to the fairways that wind  through wetlands among pines and the live oaks.

Indian Dance ai Coushatta

The adjacent Red Shoes RV Park has enough amenities –a two acre lake, tennis, basketball, volleyball and shuffleboard courts; a swimming pool, and two bathhouses, for example–to entertain those travelers who do not gamble or play golf. Though only about 300 yards sit between the casino and the RV park,a shuttle makes the trip easier, increasing the time in which to strike it rich.

Caushatta RV Park

Coushatta Casino Resort, (800) 572-



Chuckle for the day!

Freya was driving her Chevrolet Vega home in New Mexico when she saw an elderly Apache woman walking along the side of the road. She stopped the car and asked the woman if she would like a lift?
With a silent nod, the woman climbed into the car. Freya tried in vain to make conversation with the Apache woman.
The old Apache looked closely at everything she saw, studying every little detail, until she noticed a red gift bag on the seat next to Freya.
‘What’s in the bag?’ asked the old woman.
‘It’s a bottle of whisky that I got for my husband.’
The Apache woman was silent for another minute or two. Then speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, she said, ‘Good trade.’

RVing-Casino/Campgrounds (3,4)

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(Notice from the author – I must confess that most, if not all of the information that I used for  these gambling campground posts,  I got from my favorite magazine “Trailer Life”. (I Checked on”copyright protection” to be sure that I didn’t committed any copyright violations). These were  good articles on great campgrounds.

Circus Circus Casino/KOA Circusland RV Park ( Las Vegas,Nevada

Circus Circus Casino Camping

Ah, to be a kid again. The kind of kid who can gamble and imbibe legally, of course. On the famous Las Vegas Stripe, Circus Circus Casino captures much of the showy frivolity that P.T.Barnum did yet surrounds its arcade games  and circus acts with games of chance. Adults can flip cards or toss dice while children or grandchildren vie for stuffed animals, and everyone will gasp or smile at the various circus acts that are free. for viewing.

Circus Circus Camping Pool

The truest family-friendly option on property is the adjacent Adventuredome, in which roller-coasters and other rides tempt kids of all ages. Even though the rides cost money, if the  travelers’ luck is running cold in the casino, they can pay for the rides and actually feel as though they’re saving money.

Circus Circus Casino Adventuredome

In the shadow of the 3,767-room hotel, KOA Circusland RV Park is the only RV Park on the Strip and delivers location-location-location to the RVers who stay in its 399 full-hookup sites. More than 101,000 square feet of gaming area are within an eye-blink of the park’s swimming pool, spa, arcade, convenience store and pet run.

Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas, (702) 734-0410 Las Vegas/KOA Circus Circus, (702) 733-9707,

Silverton Casino Lodge/Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort (Las Vegas,Nevada)

Just hanging out

If RVers enjoy the convenience, dining options and recreational pursuits that  a megalopolis such as Las Vegas provides but loathe  trying to negotiate the  Stripe, they can accomplish a win-win by staying at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, then taking the shuttle to the Silverton Casino. The latter provides the requisite slots, table games, poker room, keno  and sports book but also delivers the unexpected:  a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium that has been the best free attraction in Las Vegas and a 165,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shops on-site.

Silverton beautiful neat sites

Across I-15 from the Silverton and three miles south of  Mandalay Bay, Oasis  Las Vegas  RV Resort provides a tranquil base in which RVers can relax. A beach front family pool , waterfalls and an adult pool and spa contribute to the accuracy, of the resorts aquatic name. A natural-grass 18-hole putting course, horseshoe pits and a fitness center provide ample ways to unwind , and a pet park and seven separate pet runs allow four-legged guests to perambulate.  Standard deluxe and premium sites, including pull-throughs, deliver 20, 30 and 50 amps, and all sites offer free cable and telephone access.

We stayed two weeks at this campground and can tell you that it is as good as they say it is! We also took in three shows, that were great!

Silverton Casino,(866) 722-4608, Las Vegas RV Resort,(800) 566-4707,

The chuckle for today!

A True Car Story – Allegedly
A man goes to a party and has too much to drink. His friends plead with him to let them take him home. He says no – he only lives a mile away.
About five blocks from the party the police pull him over for weaving all over the road, ask him to get out of the car and take the breathalyser test. Just as he is about to blow into the bag, the police radio informs the policemen of a robbery taking place in a house a short distance away.
The police tell the partygoer to remain where he is, they will be right back; and they run down the street to the robbery.
The guy waits and waits and finally decides to drive home. When he gets there, he tells his wife he is going to bed, and to tell anyone who might come looking for him that he has ‘flu and has been in bed all day.
A few hours later the police knock on the door. They ask if Mr. X lives there and his wife says yes. They ask to see him and she replies that he is in bed with ‘flu and has been there all day. However, the police have his driver’s license. They ask to see his car, and she asks why. They insist on seeing his car, so she takes them to the garage and opens the door where they find the police car, lights still flashing.

Nat’l Parks Passports–Best Bargain Going

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My friends, If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that you are interested in some thing related to National Parks, Monuments or Campgrounds. That is great, you have come to the right place. There  are so many National Parks and Monuments located throughout these United States that it would be a shame to bring your children up without introducing them to the natural beauty that nature has put right here in our great nation. Get yourself motivated and plan to take your family to at least one National Park or Monument this year. Try it, you may like it. Go on the internet, if you possibly can  first, and look up the State that you wish to visit or to your own State and look up “National Park and Monuments”. Pick one that you would like to visit and look up the history of it so you will know what to look for when you get there.

Buy the “Golden Eagle” passport,  which is good for one year for $50.00.The pass includes every one in your vehicle or if in a group, you and your immediate family.

Great Smoky Mountains

If you are over 62 you can buy the “Golden Age Passport” good for life for $10.00.  Also, in addition to entrance to Parks and Monuments, You can get a 50% discount at the National Forest and the Army Corps of Engineering campgrounds. The Golden Access Passport is for any person who is blind or permanently disabled. It is free of charge and gives you the same benefits as the Golden Age pass.


The government has established the Golden Eagle,GOLDEN AGE and GOLDEN ACCESS PASSPORT that when obtained allow the public to enter fee areas without additional charge. This is very convenient when traveling to several areas that charge an entrance fee…..Please note that the passports are non-transferable.They can not be loaned to someone else.The pass belongs to the person who signs it.


Golden Eagle Passport–This is an entrance pass to those national parks, monuments, historic sites, recreation areas and national wild life refuges that charge an entrance fee. The golden Eagle passport costs $50 and is valid for one year from date of purchase. You may purchase a Golden Eagle Passport at any NPS entrance fee area or by mail send a $50 check or money order (do not send cash) to: National Park Service 1100 Ohio Drive, SW Room 138 , Washington, DC 20242, Attention: Golden Eagle   Passport


The Golden Eagle Passport admits the passholder and any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle.Where entry is not by private vehicle,the passport admits the passholder, spouse, children, and parents.

The Golden Eagle Passport does not cover or reduce use fees, such as for swimming, camping parking,boat launching,or cave tours. It is valid for entrance fees only.

Mesa Verde

Golden Age Passport–This is a life time entrance pass for those 62 years or older. The Golden Age passport has a one time processing charge of $10.You must purchase a Golden Age Passport in person (it is not available by mail or telephone). This can be done,  at any NPS entrance fee area. At time of purchase you must show proof of age (be 62 years or older) and be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

The golden Age Passport admits the passholder and accompanying passengers in a private vehicle. Where entry is not in a private vehicle, the passport admits the passholder, spouse, children, and parents.

The Golden Age Passport also provides a 50% discount on federal use fees charged for facilities and services such as for camping, swimming, parking, boat launching, or cave tours. It does not cover or reduce special recreation permit fees or fees charged by concessioners.

Golden Access Passport–This is a free lifetime entrance pass for persons who are blind or permanently disabled. It is available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States, regardless of age, who have been blind or permanently disabled. You may obtain a Golden Access Passport at any entrance fee area by showing proof of medically determined disability and eligibility for reciving benefits under the federal law.

The Golden Access Passport admits the passholder and accompanying passengers in a private vehicle.Where entry is not in a private vehicle, the passport admits the passholder ,  spouse, children, and parents.

Carlsbad canyon-New Mexio

The Golden Access Passport also provides  a 50% discount for facilities and services such as for camping, swimming, parking, boat launching, or cave tours. It does not cover or reduce special recreation permit fees or fees charged.

There you are, my friends, an opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to visit our National Monuments and National Parks throughout this great country of ours, with a small  priced annual  pass-port. There are many National Parks and Army Corps of Engineers areas that have wonderful campgrounds available at a reasonable cost. (Citizens 62 years old and disabled persons get a 50% discount) The majority, if not all Nat’l Parks have a tenting  area. (Most of the A.C.E. campgrounds are on or close to lakes for boating etc).

You only have your children with you for such a short period of time in your lifetime. Don’t blow it. Get out and do things with them while you can. Take plenty of pictures to remind you of what they looked like and the fun you had, when you all get older. You will be glad that you did !

Happy Trails, My Friends, Happy Trails

RVing-Casino/Campgrounds (1,2)

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(Notice from the author – I must confess that most, if not all of the information that I used for  this and the other two gambling campground posts,  I got from my favorite magazine “Trailer Life”. (I Checked on”copyright protection” to be sure that I didn’t committed any violations). These were good  articles on great campgrounds.

Whether they call it Gambling,Wagering or Tempting Fate, Rver’s no longer have Vegas or Atlantic City as their only options when feeling lucky.Within a three hour drive of 17 of the country’s largest metropolitan areas, travelers can play a slot machine or fill an inside straight. Not all states allow gambling, of course, but enough of them do to accommodate RVer’s willing to hit the road to explore a wide variety of casinos, many of which feature a mulitude of attractions unrelated to gambling. Some casinos either offer on-site RV Parks or are situated close enough to campgrounds to grant RVer’s easy access to their favorite games, while allowing them to sleep in the comfort of their rigs. A round of casinos/campground combinations follow..Good Luck!



(#1 ) Pechanga Resort & Casino/Pechanga RV resort (TEMECULA ,CALIFORNIA

Pechanga Resort & Casino

If they search hard, RVers may be able to find a more impressive casino, an RV park laden with more amenities and a golf course that flaunts similar undulated beauty, though each component would likely be independent of the others. In the West, however, no better trifecta exists than Pechanga, where these three entities mingle seamlessly on the same swath of upscale desert real estate.

Though Temecula, located off  Interstate 15,  south of I-10, has established itself as one of the country’s premier wine regions, grape connoisseurs from Los Diego and beyond would be wise to use Pechanga Resort & Casino as a base from which to explore the area’s wineries. Or they could skip the sipping altogether, since no real reason exists to leave this all-inclusive resort until it’s time to head home.

Pechanga Resort Pool

The Pechanga RV Resort is only steps away from the casino and golf course (the RV park skirts the 10th fairway).The resort offers 168 tree-shaded, full hookup sites (including 25 pull-throughs) and features a pool and two spars, two clubhouses and a full-size barbecue grill. Each site is separated from those on either side by a lush swath of grass, and Wi-Fi  is available throughout the park. As wonderful as a stay in Pechanga RV Resort can be, it will be even better when RVers accumulate enough Players Club rewards points in the casino to earn free night stays.

Of course, since the service at Pechanga RV Resort is impeccable, a shuttle runs among the RV park, golf course and casino , granting everyone  easy access to all of the property’s attractions. After playing a course so immaculately manicured and free of blemishes that some golfers may wonder whether the grass is uniformly painted green, those who have tested their skills against this demanding, hilly course will likely consider Journey’s End restaurant, located in the clubhouse of the golf course. Journey at Pechanga, the perfect 19th hole. So impressive is the view from Journey’s End, in fact, that guests wouldn’t even have to dine in this restaurant to feel sated. Pechanga Resort  & Casino has eight other on-site restaurants, serving meals of superior quality and amazing variety.

Pechanga RV & Casino Resort

For those RVers wishing to check out the hotel, 64 suites exist among 517 Luxuriously appointed rooms, all of which are just minutes away from Spar Pechanga, where guests can work out the  kinks that didn’t quite relax during their health-club workouts.


You owe it to your self to check this one out! It is a stop that you would never forget!

Contact: Pechanga Resort and Casino, (888) 732-4264,; Pechanga RV Resort,(877)997-8386.




(#2) Terrible’s Lakeside Casin0 and RV Park (PAHRUMP,NEVADA)

Terrible's RV resort Layout

Within sight of towering Mt. Charleston, RVer’s can try their luck on the nearly 7-acre man-made lake, pursuing largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill, or they can try to hook themselves a jackpot in the swanky casino. Located about an hour northwest of Las Vegas and light-years away from the bustle of the Stripe.Terrible’s Lakeside is so popular that the park’s 159 full-hookups are filled almost exclusively by snowbirds from October through April . First-time visitors to this luxurious park often become  regulars, and dozens of rally groups hold annual gatherings at Terrible’s, so RVers intending to visit this park, located four miles west of Highway 160, should make reservatins well in advance.

Terrible's RV & Casino Park

Featuring 30 and 50 amp connections,cable TV and concrete patios. The sites average 55 feet in length, and some of them include picnic tables. Fire rings and barbecues line the lake, and the     swimming pool and spa complement the lake’s swim lagoon. Merely a pitched coin away from the campsites, the Western-themed casino features slot machines and video-poker machines.

Terrible's RV Park & Casino

Terribles  second  Parhump property,Terrible’s Town Casino, delivers even more Old-West atmosphere, in addition to table games and a sports book. Sometimes being terrible can be a good thing. Terrible’s Lakeside Casino and RV Park, (888) 558-lake,



The chuckle for today!!!

This is so cute! After a spring break, a teacher asked her young pupils how they spent the holidays. One child wrote the following:”We always used to spend the holidays with Grandma and Grandpa.They used to live here in a big brick house, but Grandpa got retarded and they moved to Arizona.
Now they live in a place with a lot of other retarded people.They live in a tin box and have rocks painted green to look like grass. They ride around on big tricycles and wear name tags because they don’t know who they are anymore.
They go to a building called a wrecked center, but they must have got it fixed, because it is all right now. They play games and do exercises there, but they don’t do them very well.
There is a swimming pool too, but they all jump up and down in it with their hats on. I guess they don’t know how to swim. At their gate, there is a doll house with a little old man sitting in it.He watches all day so nobody can escape.
Sometimes they sneak out. Then they go cruising in their golf carts. My Grandma used to bake cookies, but I guess she forgot how. Nobody there cooks, they just just eat out. And they eat the same thing every night,”Early Birds”.
Some of the people can’t get past the man in the doll house to go out. So the ones who do get  out bring food back to the wrecked center and call it pot luck.
My Grandma says Grandpa’s worked all his life to earn his retardment and says I should work hard so I can be retarded some day too.When I earn my retardment I want to be the man in the doll house.
Then I will let people out so they can visit their grandchildren”.

Yes!!You can park RV @ Wal-Marts overnight!!

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Over Night Parking at Wal-Marts

Can you live RVing without a Wal-Mart store?  Of course you can, but I wouldn’t want to try if I could avoid it. Why not, you ask? Well, let me put it this way. When my wife and I were making our retirement plans , we decided that we would try to visit each one of the continental 49 states. Our retirement plans were to leave Florida where we lived, in early April and not return until late October. This we did for about 14 years. We have parked in many, many Wal-Marts parking lots in our travels.  This is what you need to do, if you don’t already know. First, you need to go to a Wal-Mart (only) store and buy a”Wal-mart’s  Rand McNally  road Atlas  for 2011 (or 2010).” Open your Atlas road map  and you will find that Wal-Mart has listed every one of their Wal-Mart and Samsclub stores,  state by state. Also, they list each store number and address, what stores are within one mile of an interstate highway exit, what the interstates are and what the Exits numbers are. The stores open 24 hrs are highlighted. It will list what  the store has to offer, (a pharmacy, a tire/lube express, a gas station, RV accessories, a food service, a 1 hr photo, a vision center and a “map key” and “GPS co-ordinates”) so you can locate the store on the state map.  Most, but not all, Wal-Mart stores allow over-night parking. If in doubt, ask.  All store managers have final say! We have done a lot of  “over-nighters” in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I had the security guard help me park safely once. I was in the rear of the parking lot, and he wanted me to park across the parking strips so I wouldn’t stick out.   Just remember, use good sense when staying over-night. Don’t pull your awning out or even get your chairs out.Wal- mart allows you to stay over-night to rest and sleep, not to party. You may be asked to leave if you do! Treat your over-night stay as a privilege, not a right. Go inside and buy something, because there is always something you need! This is a two-way street and we all need to take care of it. Wal-marts is a very big reason that we could afford travel around the country so much.  Free RV Overnight Parking can be found at Walmart.They have welcomed RVers for many years, graciously allowing over night RV parking in their parking lots. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL CORPORATE  POLICY regarding overnight parking at Walmart.  Instead, they leave it up to the individual stores to determine whether they will allow travelers to spend the night in their parking lots or not. If there is a local ordinance forbidding overnight parking, there will be signs posted.  Otherwise, you’re welcome to spend the night in your RV in a Walmart parking lot. As a point of interest, Wal-mart has over 2,500 Supercenters. Of these, there are approximately 450 “no parking” stores. (2008 figures) We also have parked at Home Depot building Supplys, and Lowes Building Supplys, parking lots.  Here it would be best to check with the manager first because they have trucks coming in at all hours and they don’t want you in the way…. Here we are at Wal-Marts !   Happy trails, my friends, Happy Trails.

RV Parking at Wal-Marts

Here we are at Wal-Marts

WOW!! Look what we found in Salt Lake City

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How we look Traveling

Same as Carol's motorhome

We started right away laying out our basic trip for 1998. The main object of our 1998 trip would be the “1998 Up,Up & Away” Balloon Festival in Albuquerque NM. The festival is from  September 20 to October 12, a three week caravan.While we were making our plans, our next door neighbor “Carol”, said that she really wanted to go, but didn’t want to drive  her motorhome across country to Nevada by herself. We told her that she could travel along with us in her motorhome. She planned to have friends join her at the caravan from her campground in NY. Carol is a young widow, younger than us, and a real joy to have around.  When traveling any distance, I like to give myself pleanty of extra time on the road for break downs, side trips of interest etc.

Our Fantastic Salt Lake City Stop

We had planned a stop in Salt Lake City for a few days. Boy-O-Boy, am I glad that we did. Carol wanted to see the “Salt Lake Mormon Tabernaqcle Choir”. She  got us tickets to the mid-week Choir Practice.The sounds of the choir were almost unbelivable. We thoroughly enjoyed the practice


Mormon Tabernacle ChoirIn 1863 the Mormons started to build the auditorium that would become one

Mormon's move Westward

of the finest in the world, the Salt Lake Tabernacle. First used in 1867, the dome-shaped building is so acoustically sensitive that a pin dropped at one end can be clearly heard at the other end 170 feet away. Its magnificent organ is recognized as one of the world’s great instruments. Temple Square, in the heart of Salt Lake City, is the home of the Morman Tabernacle Choir, Here, at the “crossroads of the West”, the choir has sung the sacred hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the great choral works of the masters for nearly a century and half. History of the Choir;  In 1846, the mormons were searching for a place where they could freely worship God. On their westward trek across the vast American continent, the pioneers often broke the prairie’s stillness with the sound of their voices.

Singing hymns around the campfire became a nightly custom. One of these hymns, its words written as the pioneers made their westward journey, was “Come, Come, Ye Saints” by William Clayton. It retains today an exalted place in the repertoire of the Tabernacle Choir:  And should we die before our journey’s through, Happy day!

Amateur Short Wave

All is well ! We then are free from toil and sorrow, too;  With the just we shall dwell ! On July 24,1847, when the first group of Mormon pioneers had crossed the rugged Wasatch Mountains into the wide valley of the Great Salt Lake, their leader, Brigham Young, looked long and earnestly at what he saw,


Then he said,”It is enough. This is the right place.” It was here , a month later, that the Tabernacle Choir had its beginning.


The Choir – Gains World renown – The choir’s first network radio program (with the organ, choir, and announcer sharing a single microphone ) was transmitted on July 15,1929. Today, after more than 65 years and 3,425 broadcasts, “Music and the Spoken Word” is the oldest continuous nationwide network broadcast in America. The program is now released worldwide through some 1,500 radio, television, and cable stations weekly.   In addition to these broadcasts, the choir’s international concerts  tours; award-winning recordings, and involvement in major motion pictures, television specials, and satellite broadcasts have spread its fame throughout the world. Choir Members;  Members of the Tabernacle Choir are selected on the basis of character and musical competence. A large cross section of occupations is represented. In the choir’s ranks are representatives of nearly every trade and profession, including contractors, secretaries, physicians, homemakers, school teachers,  nurses, salesmen, and accountants.   For many, choir membership is a proud family tradition. There are twenty husband-wife combinations, and many families boast two or more generations of choir membership.     Choir members sing because they love to share truth and the beauty of music with people everywhere.

Some of them commute as far as 164 miles round-trip two or more times weekly, not only for the regular network broadcasts, but for rehearsals, conferences, and other evants. All contribute their talents and time without compensation, except for the joy they receive in service.


Another interesting stop that we made was at the Kennecotts Bingham’s Copper Open Pit Mine. In 1848, two brothers, Sanford and Thomas Bingham, sons of Erastue Bingham, Mormon pioneers who grazed their family’s and other’s cattle and horses there discovered copper minerals. They reported their find to their leader, Brigham Young, who advised against pursuing mining operations because the survival and establishment of settlements was of paramount importance at that time. The brothers did not stake a claim. In 1850, the Bingham family went to settle what is now Weber County, leaving the canyon still today known by their name.

Today, as the second largest copper producer in the United States, Kennecott Utah Copper provides about 18-25% percent of the U.S.’s copper needs.  Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine is one of the largest man-made excavations in the world. It is one of the top producing copper mines in the world with cumulative production at more than 18.7 million tons of copper. Every year, Kennecott produces approximately 300,000 tons of copper, along with  500,000  ounces  of  gold, 4 million ounces of silver, about 30 million pounds of molybdenum, and about 1 million tons of sulfuric acid, a by-product of the smelting process. The mining pit is 0.75 miles deep and 2.5 miles wide.

Kennecott Brigham Canyon Mine

Tire from mining truck

The Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine and the Great Wall of China are the only man-made objects that can be seen by Astronauts from space.

These photos were taken from the visitor’s Centers outside the viewing area. That is June & I standing in front of the Big Truck Tire.

There is a good video there that tells of the Past History, the Present and the Future. Core samples indicate that mining will continue at least until 2020, and maybe longer.

When you are traveling through Utah, be sure that you make Salt Lake City at least a 3 day stop. You will not regret it!

My wife says that SHE and I want to go to Banff,Alberta – 2 of 2

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We left early today, mostly because Dick has a lot of uncertain feelings about driving up into unknown mountains to a popular tourist town with a 36 ft  5th wheel behind us. In spite of his feelings, we did head out for Banff. ( I don’t know if the fact that June was driving had anything to do with that decision or not). June drove an uneventful 150 miles. We stopped in a Truck stop for diesel and lunch after we had passed through Calgary. Today was the hottest day of the year at 33.3 degrees Celcius (about 93 degrees F) The radiator on the truck knew the difference, it


stayed right up there near the top. Coming into Banff we missed our turn. It said to turn off  TCH-1 on to Banff Ave.We could not find any such turn. We should have turned into Banff, which becomes Banff Ave. We had to turn around several miles up TCH-1 in a construction area, and come back to town. We took the wrong entrance into town (there are only two, so that  figures)  and ended up driving right straight up the center of the Banff tourist area towing a 36ft RV, to the campground. We got in line for about 20 minutes, or so, and  then we got checked in. No full hook-up sites left for rigs our size. They gave us a beautiful site with 30 Amp only for tonight and told us to ask for a full hook-up site tomorrow after 8:00 am when people start leaving.


Bow River Falls

This is us on the right parking over-night

(8/7/97)I was the only  one in line at 8:30 am , the next morning. We got a beautiful full hook-up site under the trees(remember the heat wave) with a , not so great view, of the mountains. There are Elk roaming all over this campground & feeding everywhere. The Elk have the right of way on the golf course. It is fun watching the golfers encouraging the Elk to move over out of the way with their golf carts and waving their arms. The Elk  also roam around the RVs under the trees and they are not afraid of you. The Elk have food and safety in the town and, of course the Wolves will not come into town after the Elk.

Elk on the golf course

Elk from our window

There is a Bus stop here at the campground that will take you to town. In town parking is very tight. After the first time of driving into town to have lunch and to pick-up all the area information that we could find, we decided that the Bus was a better choice. $1.00 each way. Banff is certainly a very popular tourist town. Tourist are everywhere. We checked in at the Visitors center, which we try to do at most of our stops where we plan to spend a couple of days. We watched a couple of videos on Banff and the surrounding area. There is a very plain warning that they give to all tourist that stop there. It  is;” DO NOT GET NEAR OR TOUCH THE ANIMALS”! They do look so cute and friendly…but they are “WILD”, and therefore,”DANGEROUS “! “IT IS  AGAINST THE LAW TO FEED THEM. THEY WILL ATTACK YOU IF THEY FEEL THREATEN”. I guess there are a lot of people who either do not go the Visitors Center, or just can not believe that these friendly Elk are dangerous or maybe THEY ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID.  We watched a lot of  silly people walk down in among the Elk that were  grazing or laying down, to have their picture taken petting an Elk. One guy tried putting his arm around an Elks neck, but the Elk wouldn’t have any part of that idea. The darn fool could have easily been gored by the Elk. “REMEMBER, IDIOT-THEY ARE WILD!” After we got back to our RV (home), I took a picture out through our  window of an Elk grazing.

(8/9/97) Today is “Banff Day”. Our first stop was at Joe Btifsplick’s for breakfast. We found that the public parking lots are only half full in the mornings. We set out for the “cave & basin”, which is the original hot springs from which Banff became a town. We joined a guided tour and learned how two brothers and a friend found the “Hot Spring Basin”, then “The Hot Spring Cave”, from a hole in the ground.The two springs are not connected.

After that tour, we drove to Sulphur Mountain where we took the Gondola up to the top. It is so popular that we had to wait about 20 minutes in line just to get on the Gondola. The Gondola goes up 7,500 feet to the top. Once at the top, there is a large enclosed building  glassed in all around for comfortable warm viewing all around. There is a snack bar and a  restaurant and bathroom facilities. The view from up here is fantastic. I got some great pictures of the mountains and of Banff, way, way, way down there. just a tiny little spot . We stayed up there for an hour or so , and then came down to the “Banff Springs Hotel”, which is a very impressive building. On the lawn were about 20 Elk. We finally located Bow River Falls. The Falls is so popular that I had to let June out so she could video tape it, then I picked her back up. We had a very full day, and we really enjoyed it. We will be ready to leave tomorrow just to rest. If you ever get the chance to visit Banff….do it, you will be glad that you did. I am “almost sorry” that I put so many photos on this blog, but it was just so beautiful that I couldn’t help myself. Thank you June, my love, I am glad that you steered me in this direction! It was certainly well worth while.

Lake Moraine and Ten Peaks

Gondola to Sulphur Mountain

Banff Springs Hotel


Eight inches of snow?
This one had most of the state of Michigan laughing for two days,and a very embarrassed female news anchor who will, in the future, likely think before she speaks.What happens when you predict snow, but don’t get any? We had a female news anchor who, the day after it was suppose to have snowed and didn’t, turned to the weatherman and asked: ” So Bob,where’s that 8 inches you promised me last night? Not only did he have to leave  the set, but half the crew did too, they were laughing so hard !


Our Fantastic Alaskan RV Trip – Part 4 of 4

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A dog gave birth to Puppies next to the road and was cited for “littering”<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

­This will be the forth and last posting of  “Our Fantastic Alaskan Rv Trip”. Did we enjoy this Caravan?…You had better believe we did, the good and the bad of it.(Shucks,I don’t remember anything that was wrong). Thats what camping is all about… If you find it dull to go RVing,  you must be doing it wrong. I don’t know whats coming next…but I do know that it will be fun. It always is.


Actually I do have an idea for my next blog. Around six years previous to this trip, June’s mother’s last big wish was to go to Hawaii one time before she died and she wanted us to go with her because she got confused occasionaly and she knew that she couldn’t do it by herself. By the time she left, there were two  girls friends of theirs who wanted to go with June and her mom. They went and had a fantastic  time together. I was left behind to install  my mother-in-laws central heat/cool system. That worked good for all of us. There was no one around to make suggestions and help.(My mom- in- law is a very talented woman and is actually a good helper, but this time I wanted to do alone!)

Banff - 1997

Sulfur Mountain Cable Car

This is the connection to the Hawaii trip.The tour Guide on the Hawaii tour that the girls took, was from Banff, Alberta, Canada. June said that he talked so much about the wonders and beauty of Banff that she wanted to see it. We were headed to Oregon and  California anyway so we did a quick adjustment in our schedule and off to Banff we went.We are so glad that we did. It was a worth while stop. Banff  and the surrounding areas were simply so beautiful and outstanding. Good call June!!


This will be the last of  “Our Fantastic Alaskan RV Trip” blogs, one each for the last four  week-ends. I plan to continue RV related posts and other types of posts on subjects that I consider interesting  and are worth posting or until I’m told to get another hobby from the comments that I receive (which may not take long!!)..


I am a great fan of our Army Corps of Engineers (ACE)  Campgrounds.  ACE campgrounds are one of the best kept secrets around, because they are not widely advertised. Word of mouth is the usual means of promotion. I have camped at many, many of the ACE campgrounds and I have enjoyed everyone of them. Most of the campgrounds supply 30 amp Electrical connections and Water. Every campground has a Dump Station usually on the road out. For those of us who are over 62 years “young”, go  get a “Golden Age Passport”for the expensive cost of $10.00, a lifetime Admission permit that qualifies you and the people with you in your vehicle, to free  admissions at National Parks and a 50% discount at their campgrounds.  While you are there, compare your campground to a Public campground. Naturally  you will be on a damed up water reservoir or some type of project maintained by the ACE, with a wonderful, quiet environment. What do you give up for this luxury?  Mostly the noise of cars, horns etc. I mean it is peaceful, quiet  and enjoyable. Of course, there are no stores or gas stations out there . You have to drive to town for them. I consider that fair.



I have a lot of information on our different National campgrounds and also  on some of our special public campgrounds that I intend make into Blogs. How about Casino’s associated with RV campgrounds. Does that sound like a good match?


There was the guy who sent ten puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh.  No pun in ten did.  (If you don’t get this-say the last five words fast. )


(7/18/97)   We are leaving Homestead RV Park, Palmer, Alaska  –  for  –   Bear Paw RV Park, Valdez, Alaska .  We got away  on time this morning. We aren’t traveling with anyone, which works out ok. We do travel slower than our friends. We ran into about 7 or 8 miles of road construction half way to Valdez. The first time we were stopped by a “flag-man”, June turned the driving over to me. The bull-dozers have run up & down the road, and it was rough.

When we got back on good road, we pulled over and went into the RV to empty our bladders. When we opened the door of the RV, there was the refrigerator door off  of  its hinges , leaning up against the table. (thanks Murphy). We had this problem before and I thought that I had it fixed. I had to take off the freezer door in order to re-hang the refridgerator door , then re-hang the freezer door  (After we finished this tour, I added two washers to the door hinges  and that solved the “popping” off problem). We were the last one in but they had saved us a nice  site backed up to the water in the Port of Valdez. June’s head is starting to stuff up now. We had a nice ice cream social. It was  paid for with all the fine-money collected by(Jack, the tag-man)  for not wearing your name Tag , being late, getting lost etc. (I got lost-not once- not twice but thrice ).

Parking at Valdez Oil Terminal

(7/19/97)   Breakfast was included in the tour so we walked up to the Westmark Hotel for a nice buffet. At 2:00 pm we all boarded a bus for a tour of the pipeline terminal. Arriving at the terminal, we were all required to go through a security check point first (just like in airports), even though you can only get off the bus at one view point way above the terminal.

Valdez Marine Oil Terminal

The bus driver/guide was very good. He had worked at the terminal for 21 years before retiring. This was a very interesting 2 hour tour.

Valdez Marina & Oil Terminal

He also took us around Valdez on our way back to the campground. They  have a 10 million dollar grain treminal that the city had constructed some twenty years ago. They thought that they would get all the grain that was  imported into Alaska if they had a modern terminal. It has never been used. Some one here has listed it in their advertisement as  “A Monument to Stupidity.

We fueled up this morning. Prices vary quite a bit. You have to look around. We had  a coupon at the station for 5 cents a gallon off. Later, outside the city, we found diesel for $1.39 9/10. Thats quite a difference (and we missed it).


(7/20/97)   Sunday, a day of rest. Decided to wash all the mud & dirt off of the RV & truck. Apparently the park allows this. I did a quick wash without soap or cleaners, just sponge and water. It only took 4 hours, but the results are worth it. I know, it won’t be clean long, but pride dictates that you should keep it as clean as possible as often as possible. It should stay somewhat clean until we hit “steam boat mountain” again going back. We reviewed some of our latest videos that we took. We should give up video taping and buy a video of Alaska. Man we are bad at video taping. Can’t hold the camera steady and the vocal leaves a lot to be desired!

(7/21/97)   We got up early today, had breakfast and walked over to the small boat dock. We are taking a cruise boat “Nautilus II” to Cordova for an overnight-two day cruise & tour of Cordova. Cordova was started as a copper mining town. The only problem is that the only way to get there is either by boat or plane. At its

Million Bridge in Codova (From free photos selection )

peak, the population of Cordova was over 10,000 people. The price of copper dropped and so did the population. Fishing is the main industry now. There is a little tourist trade, but the locals do not seem too fond of the tourist. Our cruise ship traveled through the “Prince William Sound” Islands out of the shipping channel. The Skipper always stopped when anything of interest showed up. We watched sea otters, eagles &  porpoise on the way out. When we docked, they took our bags to where we were to stay.  We got on a tour bus that took us to see “Childs Glacier” and the “Million Dollar Bridge”. The bridge was constructed during the winter to haul copper from the mine back to load on ships. It cost a milliom dollars back in 1910 to build it for the short, mine to port railroad. One span fell during the 1964 earthquake. The Childs Glacier was interesting. It calved a couple of time while we were there, but never when we were watching! We returned to the hotel for the night.

The 21st of July is our 46 wedding anniversary !!When we opened the door to our room, it became apparent that someone was pulling a joke on us. There were three single beds in the room. Of course, here were quite a few of our friends, who just happen to be in the area when we opened the door to the room. Everyone had a good laugh, that is until someone noticed that June had tears in her big blue eyes. Mr.Lancaster said that they would be glad to swap rooms with us. They needed three beds because they had their grandson with them. June gave him a big hug. She never caught on to the joke, because it wasn’t a joke to her (until I explained it to her that night).


(7/22/97)   We got up this morning and had breakfast at the hotel and  then carried our luggage down to the ship. We cruised over across the shipping channel and worked our way up to the Columbia Glacier, which was a sight to see. The Glacier was reported to be 3 1/2 miles across at the waters edge, and it extends back about 32 miles into the mountains. We couldn’t get too close because of a sand bars just under the water. On the way back we stopped at a small Island where the cruise company had a

Columbia Glacier (From free photos Selection )

buffet set up. Halibut, chicken and barbecue .This two day excursion was one of the better parts of our tour. By now we are like one big happy  family. Most every one is on a first-name basis.


(7/23/97)   We are leaving Bear Paw RV Park,Valdez, Alaska   –  for  –   Tok RV Village, Tok, Alaska. We got started @ 9:00 am, lost our traveling companions right away. June allowed me to drive because we have to cross Thompson Pass which is a steady climb from sea level to 2,775 feet. It seemed to take forever to come down to sea level when we arrived. It turned not to be a problem. I down shifted to 2nd gear with the OVER/UNDER in UNDER, and up we went to the top pulling that 15,000 lb  5th Wheel RV at 22 mph. ( I have too many memories of topping hills at 4 mph and watching the temperture gauge all the way up.) The more we drove, the damper & cloudier it got until it started raining. When we got to Tok we set up in the rain. Carl & Doretta (the wagon masters) brought over the two “Alaska” sweat shirts that we had  ordered  and they  sat and visited with us for awhile. We think that they do a great job as caravan hosts. They may host the “up, up and away”caravan next year. we are thinking about taking that caravan It would be nice if they did. It was still raining when we went to bed (with the electric blanket).
(7/24/97)   We are leaving Tok RV Village,Tok, Alaska   –  for  –   Kluane Wildness Village, Kluane,Yukon. We woke up to the sound of rain coming down. I got out my plastic “poncho” that I have worn once in 4 years and went outside and hooked us  up. It is raining steady now and it is cold. We did meet up with our companions for lunch after we crossed over into Canada, They soon left us again. It stopped raining by the time we got to Kluane, We got a good level site..( we don’t often get level sites). Bob & Betty Keller came over and had drinks with us. Bob suggested that we should find a lot of money to bring over to Honolulu and visit with them.They are teaching us some island expressions.

Kluane Lake-Alaska

(7/25/97)   We are leaving Kluane Wildness Village, Kluane,Yukon   –  for  –   Trails of “98” Campground, White horse, Yukon. We had a very quiet trip to White Horse. We checked in and got the same site we had  last time. We tried to get prepared for our side trip to Skagwag, Alasks tomorrow. The trip down to Skagway is not part of the regular Alaskan  tour. We had  signed up and paid for it when we first began the main tour because we had heard a lot about the building of the railroad and we wanted to ride on it. We won’t be back this way again,so do it now!

(7/26/97)    We got up early this morning and boarded our bus at 7:30 am.

Boarding White Pass RR to Skagway (from free photos selection )

We have our video camera and also our point & shoot camera. It is sprinkling out so we are hoping for the best. We changed over to a narrow gage RR car just north of the Alaskan border in Yukon. We had one passenger  car for our group of 27 . American customs boarded the train there and checked everyone . It was a beautiful ride down from 3200 feet to sea level in Skagway. Talk about cutting RR tracks into the face of cliffs, they darn sure did it, three tunnels and all. The girl guide assisned to our car pointed out that the labor to build the RR were men that could not get work in the “Gold fields”,and needed a job.

Train to Skagway

No experience in building RR what-so-ever. It was awesome to look out the windows on one side and see  the cliff face so close that you could almost touch it , then look out the windows on the other side, straight down a long,long way to the stream at the bottom. Skagway was where most of the miners came by ship. They were required to have certain supplies before they could enter the Territory of Alaska. We had lunch in town and then walked down to the visitors center. Later  we boarded the bus that had driven down with anyone who didn’t want to ride the train down. The drive back over the mountains was great . We got a lot of good pictures.


Alaskan Mountain Range

(7/27/97)   Today has finally arrived. This is our last day of the caravan . Nothing is planned other than the farewell dinner tonight at the Westmark Hotel. We checked out the salmon run where the official salmon count is made from a glass-sided box on the water ladder sample line. There was one lonely salmon that passed through while we were there. They are swimming around in the river below right now. At 5:30 pm we loaded up in a bus and was  taken to the hotel for our farewell dinner. The buffet was pretty good.There was a lot of talking and laughter about the past 38 days. We had several couples over for farewell drinks in our RV. It is to hard realize just how close you can come to complete strangers in just 38 days.And then you go your separate ways.The park warned us that the road to Watson Lake was washed out by a broken Beaver dam . No one really knows how bad the problem is. Some  of us decided to stay over for an extra day to give them a chance to repair the road. We should be able to get some information from in-coming traffic. The 1997 Alaskan Caravan Tour is officially over with this farewell dinner here at White Horse,Yukon.
(7/28/97)   We slept a little later this morning. When I got up and went outside, over half of our group were still here. The word is that traffic is moving, one lane at a time around the wash out. It shouldn’t be a problem for us tomorrow. I got under the truck and checked out my exhaust brake repairs and  tighten up the clamps again. We are going to dump tonight and be ready to pull out after breakfast tomorrow. This was a very enjoyable and interesting group of people.
For everyones information, we had no problems driving back to Steam Boat Mountain. Exhaust worked great. Would you believe it, when we got there in the  early afternoon…..IT WAS RAINING!!  AGAIN!!!Going up the last pretty steep hill, I glanced back through the rear-view mirror and saw the whole side of the RV, because the rear of the truck had scooted way over to the right. It did straighten right out but not before my stomach jumped up to my throat. I could see a jack-knife coming up.
This Alaskan Caravan was one of the best caravans that we have taken.
Many thanks for reading our blogs on Alaska.
Alaska is a very beautiful State and the Alaskan’s are very proud of their State….and rightly so!
Garden (grass) snakes can be dangerous!
A couple in Sweetwater, Texas, had a lot of potted
plants. During a recent cold spell, the wife was bringing
a lot of them indoors to protect them from a possible
It turned out that a little green garden grass snake was
hidden in one of the plants. When it had warmed up, it
slithered out and the wife saw it go under the sofa.
She let out a loud scream.
The husband (who was taking a shower) ran out into
the living room naked to see what the problem was. She
told him there was a snake under the sofa.
He got down on the floor on his hands and knees to look
for it. About that time the family dog came  and cold-
nosed him in the behind. He thought the snake had
bitten him, so he screamed and fell over on the floor.
His wife thought he had had a heart attack, so she
covered him up, and told him to lie still and called an
The attendants rushed in, would not listen to his
protests, loaded him on the streacher, and started
carrying him out.
About that time, the snake came out from under the
sofa and the Emergency Medical Technician saw it and
dropped his end of the strecher. That’s when the man
broke his leg and why he is still in the hospital.
The wife still had the problem of the snake in the house,
so she called on a neighbor who volunteered to capture
the snake. He armed himself with a rolled-up
newspaper and began poking under the couch. Soon he
decided it was gone and told the woman, who sat down
on the sofa in relief.
But while relaxing, her hand dangled in between the
cushions, where she felt the snake wrigging around.
She screamed and fainted, the snake rushed back under
the sofa.
The neighbor man,seeing her lying there passed out
tried to use CPR to revive her.
The neighbors’s wife, who had just returned from
shopping at the grocery store, saw her husband’s mouth
on this woman’s mouth and slammed her husband in the
back of the head with a bag of canned goods, knocking
him out and cutting his scalp to a point where it needed
The noise woke the woman from her dead faint and she
saw her neighbor lying on the floor with his wife bending
over him, so she assumed that the snake had bitten him
She went to the kitchen and got a small bottle of wiskey,
and began pouring it down the man’s throat.
By now the police have arrived….
They saw the unconscious man, smelled the wiskey,
and assumed that a drunken fight had occurred, They
were about to arrest them all, when the woman tried to
explain how it all happened over a little garden snake !
The police called an ambulance, which took away the
neighbor and his sobbing wife.
Now, the little snake again crawled out from under the
sofa and one of the plicemen drew his gun and fired at
it. He missed the snake and hit the leg of the end table.
The table fell over,the lamp on it shattered and, as the
bulb broke, it started a fire in the drapes.
The other policeman tried to beat out the flames, and
fell through the window nto the yard on top of the
family dog who, startled, jumprd out and raced into the
street, where an oncoming car swerved to avoid it and
smashed into the parked police car.
Time passed ! Both men were discharged from the
hospital, the house was repaired, the dog came home,
the police acquired a new car and all was right wth
their world.
A while later they were watching TV and the
weatherman announced a cold snap for that night. The
wife asked her husband if he thought they should bring
in their plants for the night.
And thats when the fight started….

Our Fantastic Alaskan RV Trip – Part 2 of 4

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If I remember correctly, there were 22 rigs in the caravan. Everyone got along with each other and I never heard a single argument on the whole trip. (Behind closed doors,it may have been a different story). It was so relaxing to have everything all planned out for you. You are not required to caravan  on the road, in fact they prefer that you didn’t. It causes problems on the highways.  You are given your destination and instructions  on what routes to follow. Also, they point out side trips that are pretty good. You might want to check these out on your way to the campground…… We only did four caravans, and we enjoyed every one of them. There are many more caravans   available to choose from today. Try one-I know that you will enjoy it.


No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationary!

(06/26/20-10) We are leaving Campground Services , Watson Lake , Yukon  for   Trails of  ’98 campground, White Horse,Yukon. We got off to an early start because we have 279 miles to cover and it is not all smooth driving. June drove the first part of the trip, and I’ll tell you this, she did not use the exhaust brake one time. She was not taking any chances of  blowing the exhaust valve off the manifold again. It was a perfect day for driving. There were quite a few miles of bumpy gravel road, but these were the new rebuilt roads . They just need grading and paving. The only animals that we saw was a lone dog with a collar. Got to camp without any problems. People are checking with us to see what kind of problems we had crossing Steam Boat Mountain. Grant and Barbara have caught up with us now. After supper we were picked up by bus and taken to town to a 1940’s Canteen Show which was very good.  We need to get up early tomorrow morning for an all day city tour of White Horse. The problem is that the sun sets so late in the day, that you have to go to bed in the daylight. It is 15 minutes to mid-night right now as I write this and the sky is pink where the sun has just gone down. ( The month of June averages 18 hours of sunshine a day).

>(6/27/97) We are scheduled to board a bus for a tour of the White Horse area. This park where we are staying has a Restaurant that serves sour dough pancakes for breakfast, so we had to have breakfast there. They were very good. We boarded our bus and toured the city of White Horse. White Horse got its name back in the gold rush days when the miners thought  that the water over the rapids on the Yukon River looked like

the “manes” of white horses. We stopped at the S.S.KLONDIKE II  for a tour of the old stern paddle wheel River Boat. The original  S.S.KLONDIKE I  sank after it rammed a rock in the river. All of the equipment and superstructure was salvaged. They built a new hull , added the equipment and superstructure to it. The S.S.KLONDIKE II was

born. It was moved through town and set up on land beside the Yukon River.We visited a hot springs close by, Then we had a nice box lunch picnic at a nice quiet park. After that we looked at two mile canyon and drove through an Animal Reserve, plenty of  video taken. This evening we were all bused down to The “Fantastic Follies” show, and that was pretty good.

S.S.Klondike 11

>(6/28/97) Today is a free day to do anything that you need or want to do! That usually means laundry for June and for Dick , doing a PM check on the truck and checking air pressure in all twelve tires plus spares, battery water and anything else that needs looking into, like the exhaust brake status. We signed up to take a one day trip to Skagway, Ak. by train, with a bus trip back to White Horse, (To clear things up,we are at White Horse now, on our way to Alaska.When we finish our tour of Alaska,we will return to White Horse and  our caravan will officially end here. It is suppose to be a very interesting trip. When I checked out the exhaust brake, I found that the exhaust was blowing out around the pipe clamp joining the exhaust pipe to the manifold pipe. This clamp is made of soft metal so that pipes of slighty different diameters can be joined together. I went to town and picked  up all that I needed to make the repairs.That is when I found the exhaust brake problem. Before this caravan started, I had found the exhaust brake frozen in the open position and I had it replaced. The people doing the work  re-used the clamp and had put it on backwards so it wouldn’t clamp tight anymore.( We won’t be back there any more, thats for sure).Our bus driver, who keeps us up to date on all local news around here, was telling us that the electricity up here is so expensive  that when they shut down the paper mill, they raise the rates to make up for the loss of income.

(6/29/97) We got up early to leave for a ride on the M.V.Schwatka on the Yukon River. The trip from the dam up river through the canyon narrows and back was scenic and interesting. The trip was narrated by the pilot (owner) and by cassette tape that was turned on at the proper time for the area that we were going through. We were back at the RV Park at noon  and we went over to the transportation

musuem at the air port. The museum was pretty nice, Canadian history of planes , cars and dog sleds. There were several rooms with a VCR playing historical information. We spent the entire afternoon there. The airport has the largest weather vane we have ever seen. An old DC-3 plane was mounted on a pedstal and it rotates with the wind direction via a transmitter from a gyrosystem.

DC_3 Weather Vane-White Horse,Alaska

( 6/30/97) We are leaving Trails of ’98’ Campground, White Horse,Yukon –  For  –  Kluane Wilderness Village, Kluane,Yukon .   This was a very un-eventful road trip to the campground in Kluane,Yukon. We talked to a couple traveling with the Good  Sams Club Tours. They are going to the same campground as we are tomorrow in Tok. Nice people . The Lancasters’ arrived around 8:00 pm in a rented Class C motorhome. Their motorhome needed a part to be flown in from the manufacturer. They have their 13 year old grandson Jeff with them and this trip is for him.(All this happened in White Horse).

>(7/1/97) We are leaving Kluane Wilderness Village, Kluane, Yukon  –  for  –  Tok, Alaska. We will be crossing a time zone so we set our time back one hour. One version, the name Tok is derived from the Athabascan word for “peaceful crossing.” The U.S. Geological Survey notes that the name “Tok River” was in use for the nearby river around 1901, and the Athabascan name of “Tokai” had been reported for the same river by Lt. Allen in 1887

Lake Kluane

June allowed me to start the driving today. She wouldn’t say why, but I suspect it might be because we will be crossing the border into Alaska & through  customs. She was driving when we crossed over into Canada  coming up. She decided that she would help Customs by explaining everything we had. I don’t think that they cared for her help too much because they pulled us aside for a full search. We had to unlock every thing and stand back.The rest of the drive was on paved roads as soon as we hit the US. Quite a change from dirt roads. We  checked in and parked.  We are traveling again tomorrow morning so we didn’t un-hook . They shuttled us up to a salmon bake for dinner, choice of salmon, haliburt or BBQ ribs (the haliburt was great!).We got ourselves down to Burnt Paw for a dog sled show, which was free and it was pretty darn good. They put on a demonstration with a sled on wheels and three dogs.  We went to bed tired. We travel again tomorrow.

>(7/2/97) We are leaving Tok RV Village, Tok, Alaska   –  For  –  Rivers Edge RV Park, Fairbanks, Alaska     We were not in too much of a hurry to get started as we only had


214 miles to travel ( about 5 hours) and we can not check in until after 2:00 pm. Grant wanted to get his RV springs greased and he had an 8:00 am appointment. He called on his CB and said that he was going to be late and would catch up with us, so we left camp at a slow pace with June driving . So far we have had a nice , quiet drive. We stopped at Rika’s Roadhouse & Historical Buildings for lunch. Dick took over driving.They put us in a very narrow site with two trees. We had to put the slide-out, almost against a tree in order to get the rear end out of the road. The bushes around the steps were thorny and we had to trim them back to keep from getting scratched.The wagon master apologized for the bad choice of sites for our 36ft RV and said that he would be more

selective in the future. We never had any more problems.  After dinner we asked the owner  for directions to the airport. They are simple, turn right and drive until you arrive at the airport. We drove all the way in to where the plane unloads to make sure we will be able to pick up our daughter. Jaye, tonight. We returned to our RV to wait until 12:15 pm. At 12:15 we left for the airport. The plane finally arrived and we picked up Jaye and her luggage. Then  back to the RV and to bed.

Jaye has arrived in Alaska

(7/3/97) We had to get up in the morning at 6:00 am to get ready for our bus tour of the city of Fairbanks, which is pretty well spread out. Only one-four story building, mostly

two stories or less. After the city tour, which was interesting , we stopped at the El Dorado Gold Mine for lessons on the methods of mining gold

After being fully instructed in the way to pan gold. We were all given a small “Poke” of


The Store is the real "Goldmine"

Panning for Gold

gold bearing earth and taken to an area set up with a big container of water with benches around it so we could pan the gold out of our poke. You can keep all of the gold that you pan. We all found very,very small pieces (flakes) of gold.They check your gold for you, weight it  and and give you the dollar value, which isn’t much. We put all of ours together. It weighed 15 grams with a dollar value of $30.00. They will sell you a bracelet with a center compartment that shows the gold flecks.(This store is the real Gold Mine here ). Next we went to a museum at the University of Alaska. The museum

University of Alaska

was very interesting and we could have spent much more time there then was allowed. From there we returned to our campground.We planned on going to bed early. We have to get up at 4:30 am for our trip to the Arctic Circle tomorrow morning at 6:00 am  (extra side trip).
(7/4/97) Today our goal is to ride 8 1/2 hours in a bus to the arctic Circle, stand in front of an arctic circle sign, have our picture taken, get back into the bus and ride 8 1/2 back to the campground….My advice is to take  an airplane or helicopter trip.You will enjoy it much more (unless you are afraid of flying)…..P.S. You couldn’t drag me on that bus again!>(7/5/97) Today is mostly a free day,  until 5:50 pm when we meet for our special evening cruise aboard the

Stern-Wheeler “Discovery”. Jaye is all excited about being in Alaska and wants to see it all…in 11 days, so we will do what we can to make her happy. We boarded a bus to take us down to “Discovery” for our evening cruise. The cruise was very nice and

River boat Discovery

entertaining. They stopped at : Susan Butcher’s ” home. Her assistant gave a talk on dog sleds and on sled dogs. Susan Butcher has won the grueling 1,100 mile “Iditarod” dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome four times. The assistant’s talk was very interesting. Next, we stopped at the “Chena Indian  Village”. The Village was set up for the visitors and it was divided into several  sections. They showed how Indians lived, constructed their homes, made cloth, took care of their animals and much more. I had forgotten to bring the video camera and was I sorry. This cruise has been fantastic!
Here is another joke to carry you through the day!!
Have you ever been guilty of looking at others your own age and
thinking, surely I can’t look that old…..Well …You will love this one.
My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first
appointment with a new Dentist.
I noticed his DDS Diploma on the wall, which bore his full name.
Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with
the same name had been in my high school class some 30-odd
years ago.
Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on,  back
then? Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such
This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way
too old to have been my classmate.
After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended Mogan
Park High Scool.
‘Yes.Yes, I did. I’m a Mustang,” he gleamed with pride.
‘When did you graduate’ I asked.
He answered,’in 1975. Why do you ask?
You were in my class!, I exclaimed.
He looked at me closely, then that ugly, old, bald, wrinkled faced, grey-
haired, decrepit, son-of-a-gun asked,
‘What grade did you teach?’

Our Fantastic Alaskan RV Trip- Part 1 of 4

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Leaving Florida for Alaska

WoW ! , Here I am, sitting here typing an opening statement to my first Blog.  I was beginning to think that I would never get to this point. It has been several months since the day that I decided to blog.You see, we are of the “older Generation” now, and, of course, retired. We have had a wonderful life together since our marriage in 1951. Yes, I know, that was a long time ago, but heck, we have been so busy having fun and enjoying the things that nature put on earth for us to have fun with, that time just seemed to “zip” on by. I kept a sort of loose type of logs, on each year that we RVed. I plan to test the “Blogging Arena”soon  with trips that we took(with the help of my logs) and other subjects that are of interest to me and  perhaps, to you….I may do a political blog or two, because our leaders seem to have so little empathy for the public in general.(And then, I may not- I get so P.O.ed at them in general)


(I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan Island,..but it  turned out to be an optical Aleutian)


Dick & June at mile one

Alaska-Here we come.

In 1997 we signed up for the Camping World President’s  Club 38 Day Alaskan Caravan tour. We  wanted to go in 1996, but we had waited too long and the tour was sold out. Needless to say, we signed up earlier in 1997. We had talked about setting off on our own, but decided against it as a bad idea. I’m sure that you know people that could  plan out an Alaskan trip for themselves, pack up their RV and go where they planned, have a fantastic time, come home and talk for  hours on where they had gone and what they had done . Not us!! If we planned a trip, we would pack up and go, have a pretty good  time, come home and people would  ask us if we saw this and did we do that, and I would say “heck no, was all that stuff there”. Thats the reason we took the Caravan tour, they  know all the things that people want to see and want to do..And you always have a camp site when you get there.                    I will  do the posts  by following our daily logs from our trip.

Alaskan Hwy-Dawson Creek

6/16/97) We arrived at Dawson Creek, BC. Checked in and got a Camp site, Got the RV set up.

(6/17/97)  We went down to the Dawson Creek Information Center and picked up information on where to go and what to see around Dawson Creek. If it ever stops sprinkling and clears up, we plan to go down to the” mile zero” sign post for the Alaskan hwy and take some pictures.

(6/18/97)  We decided that as long as we only have one used original tire left on the RV as a spare, that we had better swap it out with a new  tire and eliminate the chance of having to depend on a questionable tire. We  had the CB and antenna checked because they were not working right. Both were  bad & replaced. Also got a new battery for our “bag” cell phone.The nice little cell phones of today were too darn expensive for what little use that they would get (remember the “roaming” chargers you had to pay for the pleasure of talking”) . I  know of several RVer’s who were quite surprised with their 1st phone bill after buying a cell phone and calling home every day. I mean bills up into the hundreds of dollars. Most generally that cured them of idle “gabbing”.

(6/19/97)   I got up  early this morning and it sure was cold. The LP cylinder went empty last night .( I need to put an automatic change-over regular on the cylinders.) We drove to town to fill the empty cylinder. Met our new neighbors  while putting the LP cylinder back in the RV.   They are our rear wagon masters, Hap & Dolly. I will get to know each better during the trip. Seem like very nice people.

Army Trucks Arriving in Dawson Creek

(6/20/97)  After it stopped raining, I changed out the diesel’s in-take air filter and cleaned  up the dirty filter and oiled it. After lunch we went down to the Visitors Information Center. We watched a video on building the  Alaskan Hwy. It was a good video.They also have two pretty good Museums that we toured for a Loonie ($2.00)

(6/21/97)  We sat and watched the Tracks To Alaska Caravan get their last instructions and pull out this morning. The rear Wagon Master had a hand-held CB set and was putting them out on the road in an  orderly manner…In between showers we registered with the rally hosts at the campground Rally Building. We came back later for our orientation meeting  where the rules are laid out & what to expect on the tour, and we got a chance to meet the other members of our group..It seems as though we have a friendly bunch. Jack was appointed the  “can man”! His thankless job was to make sure that everyone wore their name tags. There is a 25 cent fine for all offenders. The fine money will be used for an ice cream social later on in the trip.

Distance to Home sign posts at Watson Lake

(6/22/98)  Today was spent getting ready to travel tomorrow. Last minute washing clothes. We took some photos at the mile zero sign post. The caravan bused us to The George Dawson Inn for a nice buffet dinner. A Dawson Creek public relations  Lady,  gave us an interesting talk on the history of Dawson Creek and showed us the same video that we saw at the info Center. (Back in 1942 one soldier was over heard to say: This country ain’t nothing but  miles and miles of nothing), and that pretty much covers the vastness of the land  up here.
(6/23/97)   Leaving Tubby’s RV Park, Dawson Creek, BC  –   for   –  Westend Campground, Fort Nelson, BC                   Today is the day that we begin our Caravan. We got up early because we have about 300 miles to travel today.The trip was quite uneventful. I thought that the West End Campground left a bit to be desired. The sites were narrow, with 20 amps electrical, water and sewer connections at just about ground level. I hope that we don’t sink down too deep in the mud tomorrow when we leave. I went outside around 10:45 pm and video taped the area around our site. This is the longest day of the year (I’m told) and it was no darker than a cloudy day. We had a slide show at the theater in Fort Nelson. The girl putting it on did a great job.

Lets see,put this thing in here......

(6/24/97)   Leaving West End Campground, Fort Nelson.BC   –  for   –  J & H Wilderness Campground,Muncho Lake,BC…If yesterday was routine, then today was a much different day..It started off at the West End Campground where we were over-nighting. It rained most of the night so there was more water and mud then dirt to start out on. Grant & Barbara, who are the self-appointed leaders of our little 4 unit sub-group, were ready to go by the time we were ready, so we pulled ourselves out and onto the road. June wanted no part of driving in this mess, so she let me drive.We were due to cross over Steam Boat Mountain, 25 miles out of Fort Nelson. We were also told that there was some road construction, so be careful. Now I know that doesn’t sound too bad….but here is what happened. We arrived at Steam Boat Mountain in the rain. One third the way up the mountain we found out just how low the clouds were. Grant, who was 50 feet ahead of us, suddenly disappeared from sight, except for two little tiny red tail  lights showing. Near the top third of the mountain we found the construction area . It looked as if they had blasted off the  top third of he mountain. The paved road is gone, only mud and dirt to drive on.. Grant had problems on deciding on what was road and what was not. Add to that, a couple of pretty good up hill grades, and you get an idea of the fun we were having, After topping the mountain and starting down, it was more of the same. By gearing down and using the exhaust brake we were in good shape until at the last hill when I put on the exhaust brake again and it blew the  (#@$#%$)...  exhaust pipe loose from the manifold pipe. No more exhaust brake to use and a lot of exhaust noise all the time. Fortunately we were down most of the steep grades. At the service area where we had lunch, I looked at the problem and blocked and tied up the loose exhaust pipe. I plan to fix it at the next campground. We drove through a series of beautiful mountain scenes. Snow capped peaks were all around  us. I suggested to June that she should keep

Al Can Hwy (from stock photos)

the camcorder ready to capture some of the beautiful scenes.”CAMCORDER !” she said in an excited voice, “I CAN”T,  I”M HELPING YOU DRIVE”…But it didn’t really matter because when she did decide to use the camcorder, the video tape ran out, and when she replaced the tape, the battery went dead. And thats the way this trip has gone, so far. At the campground. Hap(rear wagon master) and I re-attached the exhaust pipe again using stainless straps and baling wire. June went on the “Muncho Lake Tour” with the rest of the group. After supper,we went down to the campfire  for some “smoores”, and to  sit around and tell stories of our travels so far….Today we saw, Black Bear, Bison, Sheep and Deer. I didn’tsee many of them. Mostly all I saw was fog, rain, mud & road. We finally arrived at: J & H  Wilderness Campground, Muncho Lake,BC

(6/25/97)  Today we are leaving J  & H Wildness Camp Ground ,Muncho Lake,  BC  For – Campground  Services, Watson Lake,Yukon –   “Murphy” has not left us. It wasn’t raining this morning when we pulled out, but it had not been stopped very long. We had to “gun” the truck to pull the RV out of the mud. It came out ok. About 5 miles out of town we had to go down a steep grade. When I put on the exhaust brake, you know what happened, the exhaust pipe blew off the manifold again. It didn’t sound too bad until we went over some “wash board” road, then it really broke loose,  nice and loud. I pulled over into the next service station and began to put it back together. Hap showed up after I had finished . He helped me to support the exhaust pipe using more stainless straps that he had found. It should hold good now, its never been this well supported. Grant and Barbara  went ahead of us, Barbara had fallen last night and hurt her ankle and arm. Grant wanted to get her to a doctor. It was only sprained, not broken but she was in pain. We saw some sheep (still look like goats to me), crossing the road. Also saw a big Bison walking in the ditch beside the road. We were the next to last rig into camp again. Hap is on the payroll and is required to be last one in. If anyone breaks down, he has to stay with them. We had a finger-food get together. Lots of fun.





As a Bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral
director to play at a grave side service for a homeless man. He had
no family or friends. so the service was to be at a pauper’s cemetery
in the Kentucky back-country.
As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost, and being a typical
man I didn’t stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw
the undertaker had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in
sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating
I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late. I went to the side
of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I
didn’t know what else to do, so I started to play.
The workers put down their lunches and began to gether gather around.
I played out my heart and sole for this man with no family and friends. I
played like I’ve never played before for this homeless man.
And as I played ‘Amazing Grace,’the workers began to weep.They wept,
I wept,we all wept together. When I finished I packed up my bagpipes
and started for my car. Though my head hung low, my heart was full.
And as I was opening the door of my car, I heard one of the workers say,
I never seen nothin’ like that before and I’ve been putting in septic tanks
for twenty-two years.