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I made this blog up some time ago using the information that I could find available about the CCC which was one of Franklin Roosevelt’s programs to put people to work after the depression in the 1930’s. That was a bad time, but I really think that it is much worse this time.
By 1930, many people who had enjoyed the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties, found themselves in soup lines and tattered clothes.The stock market crash had devastated the nation’s economy and left many in dire  straits.
Does this, in anyway, sound familiar? If it doesn’t, you have not been reading the newspaper or watching TV.
It doesn’t do any good to stand up and shake our fists at the banks, the mortgage companies, the real estate companies, the stock market manipulators, and a bunch of other greedy manipulative people that were largely responsible for the down fall in our economy. And there is plenty of  blame to be passed around to our  members of congress who screw up any good legislation that would help and pass  bad legislation that doesn’t do “diddly squart” for the people but somehow  seems to benefit mostly themselves. This is not the point of this blog, although it could easily be.The point of my  blog is this; why don’t we take this opportunity to work on “alternative energy projects”. Help get us off fossil fuels  that supply us with gasoline and diesel fuel, the same fossil fuels that come from oil wells owned by people that really do not care too much for us, just our money and who pretty much can control the cost ot this fuel.
OK! ,That mostly covers  a need that this country should be facing right now.We are already late to the table on this. I think that this would be a good time  to mention one millionaire that I am very proud of, because he puts his money where his mouth is. He is T.Boone Pickens. I don’t know all that he is doing, but I do know that he working hard to get our trucking industry to convert from diesel engines to natural gas engines. Natural gas doesn’t have as much muscle as diesel has, but it apparently is close enough to work, because the diesel truck engines at some big seaports on the west coast have converted. I know that natural gas is non-renewable but the quantity of natural that we have  in  our reserves is enough to supply our usage for many years to come. By then, the natural gas can be phased out for some other source of alternative energy.
Joe Scarborough said to T.Boone Pickens one morning when he was a guest on his show.: “I will tell you this right now though. I would like that $2 billion a week to invest in what you’re talking about, Boone, and that is transforming our economy and breaking our dependence on foreign oil from OPEC.”
I know we get can get this done by working together.
OK! This is the other side of the coin. There are many  alternative energy projects out there in other countries. There is not a whole lot of effort being made around here in this country to “kick Butt” and get some of these projects going. What kind of projects am I talking about? Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to investigate some of the Countries that are so much more advanced than we are on alternative energy and see how it is working out for them.
The United States is one of the most needy countries in the world when it comes to renewable alternative energy use. Why haven’t we done more to advance alternative energy? President Barack Obama has shown a consistent commitment to changing the country’s energy priority to renewable alternative technologies, such as solar, wind, hydro power  and other sources. Many colleges and universities in the country have already experimented with alternative power vehicles and technologies, and the president is optimistic about changing the energy grid and infrastructure to use alternative energy sources in place of fossil fuel use. This will minimize or end the dependence on foreign oil that this country is experiencing, and make energy more environmentally friendly with stable prices and supplies.
I wonder! Do you think that it’s possible that the big oil companies might stand in the way of alternative  energy advancement by financing the election of politicians that would be sympathetic to big oil? Naw! Who would be low enough to put personal gain ahead of their Country???
Here are what some countries are doing about alternative energy.
2. Germany
Germany in recent years has made vast investments in renewable alternative technologies and implementation. In the year 2007, this country was the leader of the global community concerning solar pv production and alternative energy use. Wind and solar energy both play a large part in Germany, and the country is  prepared to switch to alternative energy sources which are renewable.
3. The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is well prepared to make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable alternative energy sources. This country is one of the leaders when it comes to offshore wind energy, which makes sense when you realize how windy the coastal areas of this country can be. Reducing fossil fuel use in the UK can be done fairly quickly and easily by switching to renewable alternative energy sources which have already been developed.
4. Sweden
When it comes to using and implementing renewable alternative energy sources that are good for the environment and the population, Sweden is probably one of the top countries in their area. For many years, going back decades, Sweden has advocated against energy sources which harm the environment and pollute it, in favor of green technologies. Sweden is hoping to be completely oil free by the year 2020, and will not have much difficulty meeting this goal because this country has always been against earth harming energy sources.
5. India
In recent years India has made a big commitment to renewable energy technologies, and they have been very successful when it comes to on shore wind energy generation and to building the infrastructure needed to use alternative energy sources that are widely available. Because India is considered a developing country makes  this country  one of the top seven that are preparing for the move away from fossil fuels. This country is number four when it comes to wind power generation capability, and hydropower is also starting to see a rise here as well, with almost one hundred and fifty projects planned in this area.
6. Denmark
You may wonder how Denmark is on a top seven list, when it is one of the smallest countries in the world, but since the oil embargo in the 1970s Denmark has been determined to move away from fossil fuels and head towards renewable alternative technologies for energy instead. Wind power meets at least one fifth of the country’s needs for energy, and biomass also plays a big part. Common use of the public transportation systems and very low vehicle use, as well as conservation efforts by the population and strict energy requirements for buildings and homes.
7. Spain
Spain is one of the seven countries which are the most prepared to make the switch from fossil fuel use to renewable alternative energy generation and use. This country has invested significantly, and is completely prepared to use solar energy, wind energy, and biomass energy to replace the energy found in fossil fuels which are harmful

I included this section on the CCC not for the information but to show how our unemployed citizens can be utilitized on many of the alternative energy projects that we need to start working on.I know that it is not as simple as I make it look, but we do have people who want to work—WHERE ARE THE PROJECTS???
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________By 1930, many people who had enjoyed the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties found themselves in soup lines and tattered clothes.The stock market crash had devastated the nation’s economy and left many in dire  straits. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president in 1932 with his promise of a “new deal” for the American people. Within days of his inauguration, FDR called Congress into special session to work on emergency legislation. Agencies and programs was created. Roosevelt kept his promise and the New Deal was born.

One of these programs was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), designed to reduce unemployment while also conserving natural resources. The CCC  changed the lives of several million people, along with Big Bend National Park and other like projects. Nicknamed “Roosevelt’s Tree Army,” the CCC was operated through the cooperative efforts of four departments. The Department of Labor oversaw the selection of enrollees, the Army ran the camps, and the Interior and Agriculture departments provided work projects..
Roads and trails were needed for the new park, and the  CCC  provided an ideal workforce.
As the generation who participated in the  CCC  passes, the legacy of their work lives on. When you visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and drive the roads, stop at the River Bend Overlook, or hike out to the old East Entrance Station. Take a few moments to reflect on the  CCC , the men who labored on these projects, and the investment America made during its most desperate economic period. The Civilian Conservation Corps’ hard work all those years ago still continues  to pay off  today

WOW!! Look what we found in Salt Lake City

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How we look Traveling

Same as Carol's motorhome

We started right away laying out our basic trip for 1998. The main object of our 1998 trip would be the “1998 Up,Up & Away” Balloon Festival in Albuquerque NM. The festival is from  September 20 to October 12, a three week caravan.While we were making our plans, our next door neighbor “Carol”, said that she really wanted to go, but didn’t want to drive  her motorhome across country to Nevada by herself. We told her that she could travel along with us in her motorhome. She planned to have friends join her at the caravan from her campground in NY. Carol is a young widow, younger than us, and a real joy to have around.  When traveling any distance, I like to give myself pleanty of extra time on the road for break downs, side trips of interest etc.

Our Fantastic Salt Lake City Stop

We had planned a stop in Salt Lake City for a few days. Boy-O-Boy, am I glad that we did. Carol wanted to see the “Salt Lake Mormon Tabernaqcle Choir”. She  got us tickets to the mid-week Choir Practice.The sounds of the choir were almost unbelivable. We thoroughly enjoyed the practice


Mormon Tabernacle ChoirIn 1863 the Mormons started to build the auditorium that would become one

Mormon's move Westward

of the finest in the world, the Salt Lake Tabernacle. First used in 1867, the dome-shaped building is so acoustically sensitive that a pin dropped at one end can be clearly heard at the other end 170 feet away. Its magnificent organ is recognized as one of the world’s great instruments. Temple Square, in the heart of Salt Lake City, is the home of the Morman Tabernacle Choir, Here, at the “crossroads of the West”, the choir has sung the sacred hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the great choral works of the masters for nearly a century and half. History of the Choir;  In 1846, the mormons were searching for a place where they could freely worship God. On their westward trek across the vast American continent, the pioneers often broke the prairie’s stillness with the sound of their voices.

Singing hymns around the campfire became a nightly custom. One of these hymns, its words written as the pioneers made their westward journey, was “Come, Come, Ye Saints” by William Clayton. It retains today an exalted place in the repertoire of the Tabernacle Choir:  And should we die before our journey’s through, Happy day!

Amateur Short Wave

All is well ! We then are free from toil and sorrow, too;  With the just we shall dwell ! On July 24,1847, when the first group of Mormon pioneers had crossed the rugged Wasatch Mountains into the wide valley of the Great Salt Lake, their leader, Brigham Young, looked long and earnestly at what he saw,


Then he said,”It is enough. This is the right place.” It was here , a month later, that the Tabernacle Choir had its beginning.


The Choir – Gains World renown – The choir’s first network radio program (with the organ, choir, and announcer sharing a single microphone ) was transmitted on July 15,1929. Today, after more than 65 years and 3,425 broadcasts, “Music and the Spoken Word” is the oldest continuous nationwide network broadcast in America. The program is now released worldwide through some 1,500 radio, television, and cable stations weekly.   In addition to these broadcasts, the choir’s international concerts  tours; award-winning recordings, and involvement in major motion pictures, television specials, and satellite broadcasts have spread its fame throughout the world. Choir Members;  Members of the Tabernacle Choir are selected on the basis of character and musical competence. A large cross section of occupations is represented. In the choir’s ranks are representatives of nearly every trade and profession, including contractors, secretaries, physicians, homemakers, school teachers,  nurses, salesmen, and accountants.   For many, choir membership is a proud family tradition. There are twenty husband-wife combinations, and many families boast two or more generations of choir membership.     Choir members sing because they love to share truth and the beauty of music with people everywhere.

Some of them commute as far as 164 miles round-trip two or more times weekly, not only for the regular network broadcasts, but for rehearsals, conferences, and other evants. All contribute their talents and time without compensation, except for the joy they receive in service.


Another interesting stop that we made was at the Kennecotts Bingham’s Copper Open Pit Mine. In 1848, two brothers, Sanford and Thomas Bingham, sons of Erastue Bingham, Mormon pioneers who grazed their family’s and other’s cattle and horses there discovered copper minerals. They reported their find to their leader, Brigham Young, who advised against pursuing mining operations because the survival and establishment of settlements was of paramount importance at that time. The brothers did not stake a claim. In 1850, the Bingham family went to settle what is now Weber County, leaving the canyon still today known by their name.

Today, as the second largest copper producer in the United States, Kennecott Utah Copper provides about 18-25% percent of the U.S.’s copper needs.  Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine is one of the largest man-made excavations in the world. It is one of the top producing copper mines in the world with cumulative production at more than 18.7 million tons of copper. Every year, Kennecott produces approximately 300,000 tons of copper, along with  500,000  ounces  of  gold, 4 million ounces of silver, about 30 million pounds of molybdenum, and about 1 million tons of sulfuric acid, a by-product of the smelting process. The mining pit is 0.75 miles deep and 2.5 miles wide.

Kennecott Brigham Canyon Mine

Tire from mining truck

The Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine and the Great Wall of China are the only man-made objects that can be seen by Astronauts from space.

These photos were taken from the visitor’s Centers outside the viewing area. That is June & I standing in front of the Big Truck Tire.

There is a good video there that tells of the Past History, the Present and the Future. Core samples indicate that mining will continue at least until 2020, and maybe longer.

When you are traveling through Utah, be sure that you make Salt Lake City at least a 3 day stop. You will not regret it!